Business Critical

Running a round-the-clock patient transport service is no mean feat. With vehicles and drivers required 24 hours a day, Yorkshire company, Transcare (trading as Metro-Go) needed an IT provider they could rely on to meet the on-going demands of the busy healthcare sector.

Industry: Private hire cars and patient transportation (sub-contractor for Yorkshire Ambulance Service and NHS)

Location: Keighley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Users: circa 100 (including drivers)

Cosurica customer since 2013

Products and Services: Fast-response IT Support; Consultancy services; Broadband service; Office 365 Migration & Server Migration services

Outcomes & Benefits: Flexible, cost-effective & responsive IT support meeting the company’s need for rapid resolution to IT problems; high level of supplier confidence and trust established through strong relationship between customer and supplier; reduction in business risk; increased resilience to broadband outages; outdated systems replaced without interruption to business operations

The challenges:

  • Limited in-house IT experience and IT support provision was basic – need for reliable and professional support and assistance with project to deploy new vehicle management system
  • Employees heavily reliant on IT systems for business operations – rapid response required when problems arise
  • Business needs changing as company evolves – more resilience and better performance needed to ensure communication between vehicles & vehicle management system is maintained in the event of a broadband fault
  • Server hardware & software becoming outdated and performance declining

The solutions:

  • Consultancy re: Autocab deployment and integration with existing systems
  • Server Migration
  • Office 365 Migration
  • Consultancy re: installation of FTTC and implementation of backup ADSL connection for automatic failover in the event of a line fault

Sean Parnham“It’s a relief to know we have all bases covered. With our IT being safely looked after, we can now focus on service improvements and expanding the business. We know we’ve got an exciting future ahead.” Sean Parnham, Director

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