Telecoms & Business Internet Connectivity

Whether you’re opening a new office, moving to a new location, require short-term communications whilst on a temporary site, or need a telecoms solution quickly because you’re managing the recovery after a disaster, we can help.

You’ll benefit from the reassurance of having everything supported by our great team – no risk of being passed from one support desk to another when there’s a problem. We’ll even put everything on a single monthly invoice (with your support, Azure & Office 365 fees too), so there’s less paperwork for you to manage.

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Voice over IP

With traditional ISDN lines are being phased out across the UK, most businesses are switching to using the internet to transmit voice traffic. SIP or IAX trunks enable you to make multiple concurrent calls over a single line. There’s no restriction on the location and you can you choose any geographical number.

Our line rental costs are cheaper than most other providers and there are huge savings to be had on call costs through cost-effective minutes bundles.

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Broadband Connectivity

FTTC (Fibre-to-the cabinet)

Suitable for the majority of smaller businesses, FTTC provides a much faster alternative to a traditional ADSL connection and is perfect for VoIP systems. It is ideal for businesses reliant on internet access, email and cloud-based services.

Dedicated Leased Lines

Dedicated leased lines are recommended for larger organisations and for businesses who are totally dependent on a reliable internet connection. As it isn’t shared, it gives you the same superfast speeds both upstream and downstream. You’ll also have the advantage of a guaranteed uptime and failover should your line ever suffer an outage, reducing risk and minimising impact on productivity.

We have access to all types of leased line technologies.