A Rural Recovery

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The Rural Futures team is used to breathing life back into countryside developments – but when the company’s office was hit by an unexpected natural disaster, it was Cosurica that came to the rescue.

Industry: Specialist business and environmental consultancy

Location: Warton, near Carnforth, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Users: 4-5

Cosurica customer since 2008

Products and Services: Fast-response IT Support; Office 365 Migration

Outcomes & Benefits: Flexible, cost-effective & responsive IT support meeting the company’s need for rapid resolution to IT problems; high level of supplier confidence and trust established through strong relationship between customer and supplier; reduction in business risk; increased resilience to future environmental incidents

The challenges:

  • Very limited in-house IT experience – need for reliable and professional support
  • Semi-rural location – most users need to work remotely, either from home or on client sites (rural) on daily basis
  • Employees heavily reliant on IT systems, particularly remote access to email – rapid response required when problems arise
  • Sudden flooding resulted in loss of connectivity at company office affecting access to email & data storage services hosted on premises (Microsoft Small Business Server)
  • Business data storage needs changing as company evolves

The solutions:

  • Office 365 Migration (email and data required remotely)
  • Server Migration – Server to NAS – general data and archive

John Welbank“Whilst being out in the sticks used to come with its challenges, advancing technology means there are now fewer barriers to operating a successful rural business. Having the right IT Support partner has been critical to our business and I hope Cosurica will continue to support us as we build our own ‘rural future’.” John Welbank, Director

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