Supply IT

We’ll Supply IT to you!

How can you be certain that a particular technology product will be right for your business in such a competitive market? Suppliers who ‘pile goods high and sell them cheap’ rarely have technically qualified & experienced people on hand to spend time ensuring you choose wisely. Taking risks with your IT purchasing for the sake of a small saving makes no sense!

Why is buying from Cosurica different?

Two words – Quality & Service. We have no ‘hard sell’ salespeople working to unreachable targets at Cosurica (formerly trading as CloudfreeIT). You need to be able to trust us and get 100% satisfaction from your investment, so we take plenty of time to discuss your requirements before recommending suitable products to you. If you give us the sale then great – another happy Cosurica customer! If not, then maybe next time…

We stock a range of the most popular computer cables (and even some unusual ones!) as well as small peripherals, great value laptop bags and other accessories – all at lower prices than you’ll find on the high street, or in big retail parks. But we know our limits. Even the biggest IT retailers can’t stock a wide enough range to suit everyone. We’d rather assess your needs properly and then supply the right products for you, to order. It might take a  bit longer than popping down to an electrical superstore and getting something off the shelf, but our ‘no nonsense’ consultative approach means we do all the hard work and you’re guaranteed to get the right product for you without being cajoled into going over budget!

In our repair centre we see some brands much less often than others. More reliable brands, such as Dell, HP and Draytek, might cost a little more, but they make a good long-term investment. We use them in our own offices and can vouch for their quality, reliability and post-warranty manufacturer support. If we don’t trust a vendor’s products, then we can’t expect you to either!

Competitive pricing without empty promises

We don’t promise to beat internet prices. We don’t advertise ‘too good to be true’ offers.

Our fantastic pre- & post-sales service is worth far more than a saving of a few pounds.

We check the right items arrive for you and test them thoroughly, saving you the hassle of dealing with anything amiss. Dell PC or laptop products bought from us are exactly the same price as advertised on Dell’s website, plus a small fee per unit to configure & test them on your business network, including data transfer from your old PC if you need it. This great service means fewer, or no post-installation niggles – so you start off and remain a happy Cosurica customer!

If your systems are at breaking point, but cashflow is an issue, consider hardware and software leasing. We’ll work with you to find the right deal from a range of finance companies we’ve worked with before or we’ll be happy to work with your preferred leasing company to get you the IT systems you need now.

You’re always looking to invest wisely in IT hardware or software for your business, so you’ve come to the right place! Why not give us a call or drop us an email today?

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