Cosurica IT Support Team rises to the COVID-19 challenge

The Cosurica IT support team continues to rise to the COVID-19 challenge. Everyone is working at full speed to keep our business customers running in these testing times.

Unprecedented Demand for Remote Working

The phone’s been ringing off the hook for almost 2 weeks now, but everyone here has pulled together to keep on top of the unprecedented demand for remote working created by the COVID-19 challenge and the resulting lockdown.

Business owners and directors who thought they and their employees would never need to work from home, or thought they couldn’t possibly work from home, are now finding out how easy it is to adapt when the right technology is already in place.


Hoorah for Office 365!

Customers who we’d migrated to Office 365 ages ago may be sitting at home now and thanking their lucky stars. The customers we migrated in the last month or two are probably breathing a huge sigh of relief that they accepted our recommendation when they did.

Office 365 is making home working so much easier than it might otherwise be. Forward-thinking businesses are now seeing the COVID-19 challenge as an opportunity to become more flexible and resilient for the future.


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What a year for business challenges!

2020 is certainly proving to be a ‘proper doozy’ so far! First we had Brexit, then floods, then it all went quiet; the calm before the biggest ‘storm’ most of us has ever experienced in our lifetime.

Like you, we’re all practising social distancing. Most of our team are working remotely to support our customers at the moment, but that doesn’t hold us back. Far from it! We’re using the great functionality available in Office 365 to enable us to overcome the COVID-19 challenges, staying in contact with our colleagues and continuing to work collaboratively, wherever we are. You’ll be amazed at what we are able to do for you, without coming anywhere near you, your premises or your home.

We are hopeful everything we’re doing to support businesses like yours right now will enable them all to beat the COVID-19 challenge. We’re confident that they will come out the other side in good shape. If you give us a call we can help you too.


If your business is struggling with IT-related COVID-19 challenges, give us a call on 01535 358161.

We’ll help with your immediate IT-related COVID-19 challenges and then get the right tech in place to make your business more productive, flexible and resilient than ever before. Ready to hit the ground running. Ready to face future business hurdles calmly and positively.


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