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With IT being at the heart of most businesses great IT support helps to keep the wheels turning.

We look at IT support from the human perspective. Our customers really appreciate the personalised service we deliver.

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For small-medium businesses (<100 seats)

Employing your own in-house IT Manager or team can be costly, particularly if there aren’t enough to users to warrant it. That’s where Cosurica provides the perfect solution.

Our super-fast (one hour) contracted IT support doesn’t come in a packaged off-the-shelf format. Instead, we take a close look at your business then formulate a support plan tailored to the number of users, devices, type of infrastructure and the level of support and systems management required. It’s completely flexible too, scaling up or down as needed.

We’ll sort out any problems quickly and efficiently. 99% of all calls are answered in person within a few seconds and issues are usually resolved first time. With immediate access to Microsoft’s technical experts the fastest possible resolution is just a call away.

We have alternatives for organisations who prefer not to pay monthly for support on a contract basis:-

Pre-pay support – offers fast 4 hour response. Pre-pay support credit is purchased in blocks, usually 10 hours, to be called off in 15-minute increments for remote support, or 1 hour increments for on-site support.

Ad hoc support – you pay for support by the hour (minimum charge 1 hour), so there’s no pre-pay or monthly commitment. This option is available on a ‘next available technician’ basis.

Our dedicated team of remote support engineers is available from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. We will provide on-site support if required.

For larger organisations

For organisations with their own IT department, we’ll supplement the expertise of your in-house IT professionals. Our specialist 2nd & 3rd line support covers the Microsoft products of your choice, on an annual contract basis, e.g. Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange Server, System Center etc.