Does your business need help to migrate to Windows 10?

Since our business customers began upgrading independently to Windows 10 many issues have arisen:-

Some issues were sufficiently severe (or there had been a combination of several problems) that customers have had to bring their desktop PCs and laptops into our workshop. In a lot of these cases a complete re-installation of Windows from scratch was required.

We know how much you’d like to avoid the irritating inconvenience, and expensive loss of productivity, that such unplanned downtime might cause.

Look before you leap! Better still get a guiding hand from the experts

Being the proactive IT support provider we are, we’d like to assist you and your company to make the most of moving up to Windows 10, while at the same time ensuring you avoid creating unnecessary and unplanned downtime.

Introducing our Windows 10 Migration Service

In order to provide you with a much smoother migration to Windows 10, we will help you plan the project carefully, discuss the best ways to licence Windows 10 (there are several ways, such as purchasing individual retail licences or buying a volume licence) and then we’ll supply the licences.

There are two main phases to the project:-

  1. The infrastructure review – we’ll check over your servers and other network-based resources & services, including centrally managed anti-virus and other security products and apply any necessary updates to ensure Windows 10 will integrate properly in your environment.
  2. The desktop & laptop review – we’ll assess all the PCs you and your colleagues use on a day to day basis, making sure that both hardware and other software are fully compatible with Windows 10. As long as everything is OK we will install Windows 10.

Where we can see any causes for concern in either phase 1 or 2, we will provide feedback to you with advice on any remedial steps required before the Windows 10 migration can safely go ahead.

Smooth upgrade at surprisingly low cost

There’s no nasty surprises with our Windows 10 Migration Service. We’ll simply quote based on the number of servers and desktop or laptop PCs you have.

Next Steps:

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