Vote for the COSURICA PARTY – they’ll get BTEXIT done!

After experiencing a fairly diabolical telephony service over the last few months, one of our long-standing support customers asked us to help them move away from BT.

They know that when their customers can’t get through by phone they are missing out on all kinds of sales opportunites. And when they can’t get through to their suppliers they risk their stock levels falling to dangerously low levels. Not good. Really not good, on way too many levels to contemplate. Swift action required.

Make Telephony Great Again!

We’ll be providing a nifty, very cost-effective and incredibly flexible Voice over IP (VoIP) system that will offer a world of fabulous features not available on the very expensive BT ISDN & Featureline system they have currently, and which has extra ‘features’ they don’t need, such as falling over a lot. The call costs work out cheaper than BT (especially if you add a call bundle to your account). And we won’t tie them into a 5 or 10 year contract either!

“Can we keep our numbers?” our customer asked. And of course we replied “No problemo!”.

Normally it is straightforward and once the number porting request goes in the rest of the process can be completed quite quickly. We need to provide to our telecoms partner some kind of proof of the customer’s number ownership. Normally a copy of a recent bill from the current line provider does the trick.

Here’s the response we got from our customer when we asked for that proof…


Hi Mike,

It doesn’t show on the bill, the BT web portal isn’t working at the moment, I’ve made three phonecalls, been cut-off once and am now promised a call-back from a BT advisor by five o’clock this afternoon.

Who are these people…..aaaarrrgggghhh.

I’ll be in touch as soon as I’ve got something.  In the meantime, here’s a screen shot from the BT website..oh the irony of using a picture from the 1940’s as a back drop to the message.



Screenshot - BT can't get to your details at the mo

His final parting comment in his email was…

I vote for the COSURICA PARTY – they’ll  ‘Get BTEXIT done’ & ‘Make Telephony Great Again!’


And yes we will! We surely will!

Thinking about it our strapline ‘Supporting people powering business’ could work as a party political slogan. Wonder if we could sell it to the Labour Party this afternoon. (Errr no, it’s definitely not for sale).

If you’re sick of your business being held back by archaic or unreliable telephony, we’ll move you onto VoIP. Give us a call on 01535 358161 now.

If you’re on BT maybe use your mobile?


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