VoIP phone service outage 25/08/2020

12:45 – Normal service resumed! Our helpdesk phone line is back online and most, if not all of our VoIP customers affected by the outage should now find their phones working as normal. If any customers do find they are still having phone issues please contact us ASAP and we’ll continue to investigate. Thanks ever so much for your patience! It really is appreciated.

12:30 – Service partially restored. We’re expecting everything will be back to normal in the next 30 mins. We’ve been advised the outage occurred as a result of a major failure within a section of AWS London and services are being migrated to alternate locations.

11:30 – We are aware of a widespread outage affecting some Voice over IP telephony services at the moment.

All our affected VoIP phone service customers are being contacted directly and we will keep them updated as the situation progresses.

Please be aware that our own company phone system is also affected. This means we are currently unable to receive phone calls to our offices at present.

All our Support Contract and Pre-pay support customers should email our main support helpdesk mailbox to report any general IT problems

General & sales enquiries can be emailed to info@cosurica.com

We will respond to all emails as quickly as possible, but we’d greatly appreciate your patience.

Our technicians need to concentrate on logging and handling any new general IT problems and continue with their on-going workloads, so please don’t use email to ask when the VoIP services will be back online.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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