Secure document sharing for Keighley Town Council

Keighley Town Council has chosen us to provide new IT systems. They have 11 office-based staff and 30 Council Members. The Council Members mostly work from home, so they travel all over the district. We love supporting local organisations, so this is great news for us! We also get very excited about mobile technologies, so this is a fantastic opportunity for us to show how up to date technology enables secure document sharing. This will lead to better communication and team work and also reduce costs.

Exterior view of Keighley Civic Centre

Modern IT Solutions for the Council and the Public

Here’s what the Locum Town Clerk, Anne Wilson, said “Improving the ways we communicate internally…[has] been on our wish list for several years. It is essential we protect our data very carefully. We also want the ability to offer modern IT solutions for the public using the Civic Centre, which will enhance the use of the hall and meeting rooms.

“Tender documents were sent to several IT firms, across Yorkshire and the rest of the UK. It was fantastic to discover we’ve got such a highly experienced, professional and approachable IT firm right here in the centre of Keighley. The Cosurica team put a huge amount of effort into fully understanding our needs. They listened to our concerns about data security and [found] the right solutions for us.”

Secure document sharing

The Council wants to reduce printing and postage costs, so we will provide them with secure document sharing. They will be able to read important and confidential files before they go to meetings and they won’t have to carry lots of paper with them. We’ll also provide on-going support to the staff and councillors, so they adjust to the new systems quickly. We’ll manage and maintain the systems, so everything continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

We’re also installing secure public and private wi-fi networks throughout the historic Civic Centre, where the Town Council is based, so the staff and visitors can access the internet easily.


Modern Workplace – better communication and team work reduces costs

Up to date technology increases productivity, whatever size your business. It also improves security & efficiency and ultimately reduces your costs. We help you achieve the best return on your investment, by selecting the right products for you. We’ll protect your valuable data and help you avoid expensive mistakes.


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Photo: Keighley Civic Centre. Source: Keighley Town Council website – used as per the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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