The Microsoft Surface – The Answer to my Prayers?

Microsoft Surface

So many people predicted tablet devices would never catch on, but then the chairman of IBM once said there was ‘a world market for maybe five computers’ and he got it wrong, so very, very wrong…

Well, since tablets have been around for a few years now, and most of us have got used to touchscreen technology, even if only on our smartphones, (and some of us would need to have our iPads prised out of our cold, dead hands) we find ourselves carrying two, or even 3 devices with us most days. If you’re a fairly mobile worker this soon becomes a bit of a pain (especially in your left shoulder, where the bag strap starts to dig in, eh?).

A thin and light laptop helps reduce the weight a bit, but is it strictly necessary to continue carrying a tablet too?

‘Well of course it’s necessary’, I hear you chunter. ‘I’m not going to drag the lappy out to watch a bit of ‘Better Call Saul’ on the train on the way home, am I?’

Gareth & I are going to the Microsoft World Partner Conference in Orlando in July, so what tech will we take with us?

There’s many hours of serious ‘TV catching up time’ to be had on the flights. Whilst I wouldn’t want to let that golden opportunity pass me by, I’m not going to sit with a full-size laptop warming my thighs for 8 hours straight, so I’ll be wanting to take a tablet. Don’t get me wrong, I love my current laptop with its full HD screen, but it’s definitely ‘way too heavy to drag across the Atlantic’ and if I’m going to be making notes during all those big Microsoft presentations I really won’t be able to type fast enough on the iPad.

Thinking there might be a Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3 somewhere in my near future…

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