Here comes 2024 already! Where did 2023 go?

Our Christmas and New Year Opening Hours are listed at the bottom of the page, but before you skip to that good bit, we’d like to fill you in on what’s kept us busy these last 12 months.

We hope you and your business are still prospering. There’s lots going on to make things tricky at times, we know, but there are plenty of new opportunities out there. We’ve certainly had plenty of work coming our way to the point where we’ve had no time to write any case studies or do any proper marketing; barely a Tweet (or is it an X now Elon’s made his rather grubby mark all over Twitter?).

Our ever-helpful tech folks have certainly felt the benefit of the work pattern changes we began trialling earlier this year, with some now working a 4-day week, in order to improve their work-life balance.

Even so, we’re all feeling ready for a wonderfully relaxing Christmas break now, and looking forward to another busy year ahead, no doubt including a load more rapid changes in the IT world!

Cute cuddly Santa sitting on snowy tree branch

Once again, we’re pleased to report we’ve supported several customers old and new through incredible development and growth in 2023. Now that we’ve welcomed our ultra-efficient Jenny back to the Admin Team, we’re hoping 2024 will be the year we can make time to tell you about some of our success stories on our website.

To top the year off, we’ve maintained our Cyber Essentials, ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certifications.

Positive Outlook in Keighley

We’ve had yet another year of involvement with Keighley & Airedale Business Awards and the Keighley Community Awards. The positivity that comes out of these events reminds us why we do what we do.

We continue to support Keighley Cougars, through what has been a challenging year. They’ve got some fabulous new signings, so the outlook is promising. This year we’re sponsoring a new, young addition to the squad, Ben Dean, who’s joined the Cougars from Huddersfield Giants, where he played in the halves and is looking to fight for his spot on the Cougars team. Supporting young people remains one of our core aims.

We’d like to express our continued gratitude for all the work you put our way and we hope once again that we’ve had a very positive impact on your business. If there’s anything more we can do for you please do let us know. 

Whilst the outlook is positive for us, we are acutely aware that times are becoming increasingly difficult for many people, particularly those who’ve lost jobs, or whose income is insufficient to cover their rising living costs.

So, it feels right to once again donate to charity the money we could have spent on Christmas cards and goodies to:-

  • Salvation Army Food Bank, Keighley
  • Worth Valley Food Bank
  • Bingley Food Bank
  • Skipton Food Bank

…and Mind in Bradford, because their work continues to be vital, and every one of us can benefit from their guidance, support, workshops and self-help guides from time to time.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from the Cosurica team

Please circulate our good wishes for a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and New Year to everyone in your organisation.

 Michelle, Gareth and all the Cosurica Team

Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

Between Christmas and New Year we’ll be operating a skeleton service, to give most of our team members the much-needed opportunity to rest and relax.

Support Helpdesk

Saturday 23rd to Bank Holiday Tuesday 26th – Closed
Wednesday 27th to Friday 29th Jan– Support available by email & phone 9:00am to 5:30pm.
Saturday 30th Dec to Monday 1st Jan – Office Closed
Tuesday 2nd to Friday 5th Jan – Support available by email & phone 9:00am to 5:30pm.   N.B. There will be very limited staffing throughout the above period, so the workshop won’t be taking in any new jobs until Monday 8th Jan.  

Admin Office

Saturday 23rd to Bank Holiday Tuesday 26th – Closed
Wednesday 27th to Friday 29th – Limited staffing (remote working) – 9am to 12 noon
Saturday 30th Dec to Monday 1st Jan – Closed
Tuesday 2nd January to Friday 5th January – Limited staffing – 9am to 12 noon.  

Support Helpdesk and Admin Office will be back to normal operation from Monday 8th January!

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