As you may or may not be aware, Microsoft released their latest operating system, Windows 10, on 29th July 2015.

Some early adopters experienced various issues with the process of upgrading from earlier versions of Windows. In some cases there were also issues with post-upgrade stability.

Good News! Windows 10 has matured very well, so we recommend this product to all our business customers.

10 great reasons1 to upgrade to Windows 10:

  1. It’s the last ever version of Windows, so from here on Microsoft will only distribute product refinements, plus maintenance and security updates, but no more major new releases. Windows 10 has built in automatic processes that run behind the scenes to make sure that your PC is constantly up to date, secure and automatically maintained with no intervention required by you!
  2. It’s fast–Microsoft claim that Windows 10 is now up to 28% faster than previous versions from power up to document opening!
  3. It’s secure - Windows 10 gives small and medium businesses access to security features that only Enterprise-level businesses could previously take advantage of. This makes sure that your company data is more secure than it has ever been!
  4. It’s Cloud Integrated– Windows 10 is perfect for working in harmony with Microsoft’s cloud technology. It’s now simpler than ever to work seamlessly regardless of your physical location. Work remotely, on the move, or in your office. Work smarter and more flexibly than you have ever done before.
  5. It keeps you working for longer – Automatic Power Saving in Windows 10 is smarter than in previous versions of Windows. Mobile devices run at full power until the battery starts running low, then they automatically switch to an energy saving mode, enabling you to continue working for as long as possible until you are able to connect to a power source to recharge.
  6. It’s got the Start Menu!If you were an adopter of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you will be aware that Microsoft introduced a start screen. Windows 10 heralds the return of the traditional, familiar start menu, so you can settle right in and work the way you always did before. If you’re not sure which version you are on currently see note 2 in the sidebar.
  7. Easy access to a huge range of great apps!Improve your productivity via the App Store. There’s also some really fun apps to make your leisure time more enjoyable too!
  8. Meet Cortana–Microsoft’s personal assistant, so you can verbally interact with your PC, laptop, tablet or phone. Ask her to search for answers on the web. Tell her to set you alarms or reminders, send a text message or add a task to your To Do list. And much more…
  9. Introducing Microsoft Edge– Windows 10 brings a new way for you to experience the web via a streamlined, simpler browser, which also integrates neatly with Cortana.


With our help you can have a smoother transition to Windows 10.  Click here to find out more about our recommendations and the services we offer. 


1 For even more information about what Windows 10 offers click on this link -

2To establish which version you are currently using, click on this link -


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